January Budget Complete!

Yes, we did it! Our January budget is complete, and it is scary. Scary because this is the first time that we are unable to pay even the minimum payments on our credit cards. I am dreading some pretty awful phone calls from the credit card companies. We are only able to throw about $20 at our 3 credit cards next month. I am actively searching for a full time job, and until that job comes, this is the way our budget will have to be for awhile. Unfortunately because of the sorry state of our finances, we are relying on our one credit card with a tiny bit of credit left to make it through until pay day. This is rock bottom, people! This is a real “nightmare before Christmas!”

Despite the sorry state of our finances, the Christmas spirit is upon us, baking is in full swing. I have made chocolate gingerbread cookies, popcorn balls, and my yearly favorite recipe, chocolate covered almonds, is up next this afternoon! My daughters love to help and we are having a blast. My almost 15 year old son loves to help eat the treats!  We also had a lot of fun bowling at my cousin’s daughter’s birthday party this weekend – and it was free!

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