More Goals Accomplished…

Okay…. we finally did it! We cut up the credit cards even though we have less than $200 in our savings account and our checking account is still overdrawn significantly. We have plenty in the pantry… Well, enough to squeak by until pay day on Wednesday. It’s Ramen noodles with broccoli added for dinner tonight. I am getting a little tired of cooking 3 meals a day since all of the kids are home from school on winter break, but it’s a sacrifice that I have to make. This is the first time ever in our ten years of marriage that we are without even a single credit card for ‘emergencies’. Ugh. Nowadays even groceries and gas have become emergencies. Our budget is set for next month. Bring it on!

I even went to the mall with my oldest daughter (who will be 13 on Wednesday!) so she could spend her mall gift card, which was her main Christmas present this year. I am so proud that I did not spend a DIME, not even a PENNY at the mall. I resisted all those great after-Christmas deals! I did it! How is everyone else out there doing with their get-out-of-debt goals?

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