Where to Find Free Budget Spreadsheets

It’s the start of a new week. I spent the day at work. It feels good to work, even if I’m not getting paid as much as I’d like right now. I just wish I was scheduled for more days this week. I have some good news to report, however. I did not head over to Panera or Starbucks during my lunch break. I just kept our debt numbers at the top of my mind and I felt very content with my microwaved can of soup that I brought from home. All I needed to do was open the Mint application on my cell phone. It’s free! Check it out here. Those awful negative numbers staring me in the face was enough. It’s probably the first time that I didn’t go out to eat on my lunch break. Yahoo! I saved around $10 by not doing that.

One thing that has really been helping us along is writing down absolutely every dollar that we spend. We have been diligent about it. In the past, I would convince myself that if there was enough in the bank right the moment that I wanted to buy something, then it was okay to purchase it. Things would somehow work themselves out, right? Wrong! My husband and I spent thousands of dollars on bounced check fees and debit card overdraft fees last year alone. No, things did not just “work themselves out!” Write everything down and live by that. We haven’t gotten around to having everything formally entered into an Excel spreadsheet, but I’ve looked at a few free budget spreadsheets that are available for download.

I have to say that the best one I have seen so far was created by Brad Chaffee over at Enemy of Debt. His budget spreadsheet, called EOD Deluxe Budget Version 2.0 (*2018 Update: Looks like it is now on the 3.0 version) is amazing! It includes an allocated spending plan, a checkbook register, savings worksheets and links to other financial websites as well. It is very detailed, and when I decide to keep everything on my computer rather than a piece of paper in my wallet, I’m leaning towards this one. Check it out here.

Bob Litich at ChristianPF.com has a list of his favorite 10 free budget spreadsheets. The website has very thorough list, complete with descriptions. Read all about them here.

Well, that’s it for me today. For those of you who have the day off tomorrow, enjoy it! Find some fun (and free) things to do. You can do it! Talk to you soon.

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