Making Extra Money

Hi everyone! I know, I’m late with my post. Well, I’ve been busy at work – making some money! Granted, it’s not a huge amount, but it’s money all the same and I am thrilled. All of you with debt out there – go make some money! I know, I know – it’s tough in this economy. It can be done.

As a was browsing the internet for other financial blogs, I came across a free E-book over at It’s called 52 Ways To Make Extra Money. You’ll need to sign up for the newsletter to get it for free, but I think it’s worth checking out. (*2018 edit: Looks like it is no longer an e-book, all the info is right there for ya!) It’s a fun, quick read containing some pretty good money making tips. I also found Ramit Sethi over at his blog, I Will Teach You To Be Rich. I know the website name sounds like some kind of scam, but there’s good information to be found. He gives out a lot of free tips on how to be more profitable and earn more money. Now who doesn’t want that? Just click on the ‘Earning more’ category.

Well, it has been one month since I’ve started this blog and I can’t say that we are significantly less in debt than before. However, we have stopped using credit completely. We are living on a budget and we stick to it. Honestly, I thought I would be miserable during this process. Quite the opposite is true. I am really happy knowing that we are living in a financial reality, not credit card “la la land”. Yes, a lot of this stuff takes extra work – more cooking, more planning ahead; but the longer I stick to it, I can feel it becoming a habit. I only spent $101 at the grocery store this week. It gets easier everyday. Even though we are not even close to getting out of debt, I’m feeling a bit of that “financial peace” that Dave Ramsey’s always talking about.

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