Here We Go Again…!

Greetings! It is so hard to believe that it has been eight years since my last official blog post. Wow. Time really does fly. Now that my husband and I are 45 years old, let me advise all you younger folks out there to conquer your debt NOW! Do not wait! Time will fly by people and you will find yourself still in the same financial situation if you don’t take action today.

Yes, we still have a huge amount of debt. Our debts have been shuffled around quite a bit over the last eight years. We went through a bankruptcy in 2011, a major out of state move. So many things have happened in our lives, yet the debt remains. Now that we are older, we need to start seriously concentrating on retirement in addition to getting rid of the debt.

We unfortunately went back to using credit cards (this stops TODAY), we have a car loan, and then we have that ridiculous student loan debt that is STILL over $100k. We now owe that large debt to a family member at half the interest we were paying before and are on a 10 year repayment plan.

Our income has also increased quite a bit, which has helped. However, it has also caused me to get lazy and not pay attention to all the little auto-ship  and membership nonsense that I sign up for! The organic groceries online, the pricey personal trainer, the fun box of makeup that comes every season. This all stops today. Time for us the get real and focus on the goal at hand. I am looking forward to documenting our journey towards becoming debt free. Now that we have a bigger shovel… let’s get this done. First step: stay on top of our Quickbooks and start tracking on EveryDollar!

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