Starting Over

Happy Friday! I am sorry that this post is late, and unfortunately, it will be short. It has been a pretty hectic week. I have been diligently entering transactions in Quickbooks and EveryDollar, and our finances are definitely flawed! What it comes down to right now is that we need to increase our income. I have been looking for a job as if job searching IS my job.

I did leave room in the budget for this deal on the Dave Ramsey website. I really need to read the Total Money Makeover again. We are essentially starting this program over again. My husband and I took Financial Peace University in 2007. We are still in debt. This is NOT okay. Yes, we do have a little less debt than we did in 2007, but we should have been debt free by now. We are starting over.

Today is a new day. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. I am ready to get out there and WORK to change our family tree. Let’s do this.

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