I’m a forty-something wife and mother of four kids and two grandkids, who has gotten herself into serious debt. I am admittedly Financially Flawed. Read about my struggles, how we got on a budget that works, and other stories. I plan on blogging us out of debt – keep me accountable, people!

My plan is to write at least one post every week (I am a very busy mom/grandma after all!). If you just can’t get enough or just to make sure you stay updated, please join my Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/financiallyflawed. I usually pop in there every day to say something or to add helpful links. You’re welcome to contribute of course!

Read about how it all started:

Don’t Mess with Student Loans: Our Story – January 4th, 2010

A little more about me

I’m currently a full time stay at home mom with 2 kids and 1 grandchild currently living with us. I have my BA in Science, with a concentration in Environmental Science, from Marylhurst University. I also have an Associate’s in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Phoenix. I enjoy working out, reading finance books, managing my household, gardening and painting. I have been married to my amazing husband for 18 years and I couldn’t do any of this without him by my side!